In den Medien

Neues Paper: Immo published a paper about information processing in the subthalamic area of Parkinson's patients. (NeuroImage).

Fokus: Carina's paper got featured in Nature Human Behaviour.

Neues Paper: Carina published a paper about prefrontal control in voluntary forgetting (Current Biology).

Neues Paper: Check out David's new paper dealing with functional mapping of the Thalamus in essential tremor (Brain).

Meet us: at the International Conference for Cognitive Neuroscience (ICON) in Amsterdam.

Carina is going to talk about the role of the hippocampus for the processing of response conflicts: Sat. 05.08.2017, 13:30-16:00 in the symposium "Theta oscillations in the human medial temporal lobe -- From single units to MEG".

05/05/2017 Die AG Clinical Systems Neuroscience Marburg ist jetzt auch im Internet zu finden.

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